DIY: Pastel Braid Bracelet

SONY DSCIf you check out the jewellery DIYs I posted on this blog, you’ll see that they are mainly for bracelets. That’s because I see bracelets as part of my outfit,  while earrings and necklaces are like my piercings: more a part of me than my outfit and I hardly ever change or even take them off. I also like necklaces that are special to me or remind me of something. I’ll either wear a gold or a silver thin necklace with a little meaningful pendant. And I usually wear my hair down, so my ears aren’t on show much, and I just leave on the same small hoop earrings 24/7.

I wanted to create a bracelet with the colour scheme I have in mind for spring/summer, so something with lots of white, pastel colours and silver.  I totally want to learn how to make friendship bracelets, but since  I’m not quite there yet I just went with a simple braid and mixed different colours, textures and added some metal chain. I think I might make another one in brighter colours like pink and orange and make a really thick statement bracelet.  Here’s a short tutorial for the one I made today:


  • thread in white, light green and lavender (about 40cm of each)
  • white leather string (40 cm)
  • about 20cm of silver chain
  • silver end caps with clasp
  • scissors and glue

Step 1: Cut the thread into nine pieces of about 20cm: 2 of each colour (green, lavender, white and white leather) and one of the silver chain. Lay them out in groups of three like on the photo (with the middle piece being a different colour). Tape the ends to a desk or something similar.

Step 2: Start braiding. To get a uniform pattern, make sure that the different coloured piece of thread stays in the middle of each strand.

Step 3: When you get to the end, secure it with some string, before you cut off the loose ends. Glue the ends of the braid into the end caps.

Step 4: If the bracelet is too short to fit around your wrist, add an extension with some more chain and a jump ring.

That’s it! 

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  1. Quick question : Is there a specific type of thread you have to use? Like can it be made out of embroidery floss?

  2. Pretty and simple!
    I have the same thing with earrings: they’re a part of me and not necessarily the outfit (except for the main ones in the lobes). I have 13 in total and rarely change them indeed :)

  3. This looks really great! Thanks for the detailed guide – I’ll definitely be making m own bracelets this summer :)

  4. Love the added little bit of chain. I have been playing around with chain a lot lately and it has quickly become one of my favorite materials. I do like the colors, but love the idea of a pink and orange statement bracelet. I love those two together.

  5. Just wanted to say I LOVE your posts! So informative, so inspirational. I’ve been working OT on my first job as a property manager that I haven’t much time to reveal life in my blog, but no matter what you’re posting, you give me inspiration to write more on my free time…whatever that is. Keep up the good work! Btw, I enjoyed the traveling/packing post as well. You really got something going here. I’ve been transforming my company and seeking professional bloggers and guess what?…you’re at the top of my list. God bless your beautiful endeavors!
    UGG—u go girl : )

    ional bloggers.

  6. So, hair braiding with threads? Looks cool, my niece did that for charity from her hospital bed while dying from cancer (known as “the girl who gave her wish away”) and had a school and water well and irrigation system built for a Kenyan village’s kids… Nicely done!

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