On finding the perfect winter coat

SONY DSCMeet my new winter coat: a short, slightly egg-shaped wool coat with leather sleeves from Warehouse! This year it took me a really long time to find an everyday coat, not only because I’m not into the popular A-line shape, but also because I am trying to stick to my new philosophy and wanted to find the perfect coat that I could see myself wearing for the next few years. These were my criteria:

–  Shape: no A-line and nothing oversized; either a straight-cut and a shorter length or a tailored shaped and a knee-length
–  Style: Something that is versatile enough to wear over most everyday and evening outfits; not too casual or edgy but not super sharp and office-y either
–  Originality: Initially I had my eye on a pretty Zara coat, but I would always see a handful of people wearing it while walking down Oxford street, so I decided not to buy any bestselling coats of the bigger high-street retailers.
–  Material: Ideally pure wool or a high-quality blend; nothing too thick or bulky.

This coat ticks all boxes. What is your idea of a perfect winter coat? Have you found it yet?


  1. It takes time to find those ‘perfect’ items. I usually have to try at least 6-7 candidates on. Zara coats may look nice, but I tell you- they are no good if it’s actually cold.

  2. I love that coat! My perfect coat for the winter is a short quilted parka-like one with a hood and zipper. I feel so cozy inside it and still feel warm and cozy if I had no shirt on. I’m usually in the car, so a jacket is fine by me. Love yours, though, and pure wool is certainly the way to go. I’m a knitter and love using wool that still has the lanolin in it for water resistance.

  3. I love the coat you chose, it’s beautiful and it seems very comfortable. Unfortunately I can’t say how I would go about buying a winter coat for me because I live in Brazil and do not need this. We usually have very hot weather and almost no cold days.

  4. In a bizarre twist of fate I have gotten lucky with clothes for the past few years. I lost my job in late 2007 and finally reenrolled in Univeristy in the summer of 2010. So I haven’t had money for clothes as it was just an indulgence I couldn’t afford. Luckily for me, the Salvation Army has a store only a block away and I found some AWESOME deals! I got a black leather jacket in wonderful shape that is tailored, short and single breasted. I also found a white GAP jacket for colder weather that just needed to be washed at the dry cleaners. I have also found some other pieces that have served me well from the local consignment shop. I did not shop this way in the past and now I wonder at how much money I was throwing away by not making time to search the consignment shops and thrift stores for so many years.

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