10 Step Wardrobe Revamp

If your wardrobe is in dire need of some extra TLC, use this 10-step revamp guide to nurse it back to life! Combat extreme boredom with the majority of your clothes and get one step closer to ‘closet heaven’ which is what I call that magical state when every single item in your closet reflects your personal style, you face getting dressed with excitement every day, your wardrobe suits your needs exactly, you always feel like you have something to wear and you really could not imagine a better set of clothes. Reaching closet heaven might not be easy, but at least the process is fun :) I’ve written separate posts on many of these steps and listed them below in the order that seems the most helpful to me, but feel free to pick and choose your own program. Happy revamping!

Edit (06/14): This post is one of INTO MIND’s most popular ones to date, but it’s also kind of an oldie by now. I wrote it at the beginning of 2013, which is why it does not contain steps on some concepts that I would now consider essential, like colour palettes for example. I will soon do a complete update of the 10 step revamp, but for now please make sure you also check out the table of contents for a current list of all tools and techniques.

Are you are minimalist or a maximalist? Would you prefer to own a small selection of high-quality items or buy a completely new set of clothes every season and have lots of options? Before you edit your wardrobe, think about your approach to personal style. Read about my own approach here and here.
Perhaps the most liberating step in the whole process is a thorough wardrobe detox. You need to get rid of everything in your closet that is tainting your vision of personal style in order to be able to add new items onto a clean, ‘pure’ canvas. I wrote a looong post about wardrobe detoxing, click here to read it.
The next step on the road towards an expressive and functional wardrobe is to develop your aesthetic ideas and create a cohesive, refined concept. Moodboards are a great way to collect visuals all in one place. First, gather a ton of inspiration. Then, analyse everything and identify themes.
Does your wardrobe fit your lifestyle
There is no point in building a wardrobe around platform heels, if you work from home or spend most of your time in a conservative environment. Your wardrobe should not only express your personal style but also be tailored to your lifestyle. Does your wardrobe fit your lifestyle?
STEP 5 | Build a Capsule Wardrobe
Capsule wardrobes are one of the core elements of a minimalist approach to personal style. In the best case scenario, a capsule wardrobe should consist of a small selection of key pieces that express the essence of your style, are optimally adjusted to your lifestyle and allow you to quickly pull together an outfit for every occasion. Think of them as the ‘main ingredients’ in your wardrobe – you might want to try out a few new spices here and there, but as long as your main ingredients are in the mix, you know that the end result will turn out well. Read this post for a detailed step-by-step guide to creating a 20-piece capsule wardrobe.
Finding a signature look is no easy feat; you need to boil down all of your favourite things into a handful of essential items and consider your lifestyle and body shape. But once you have found it, your signature look is an original combination of functional and aesthetic elements that perfectly represents you and your style.
If your office wear is very different from your everyday look, consider creating a separate work capsule wardrobe. You can follow the same method as outlined here or, if you are just about to start a new job and need to put together a basic work wardrobe on a limited budget, check out my quick-fix approach here.
The perfect wardrobe organization system can do wonders for your personal style, by enhancing and supporting the unique structure of your wardrobe. Read this post for a detailed three-step guide on how to find a storage system that fits not only the contents but also the dynamics of your wardrobe.
Your wardrobe needs regular maintenance and updates to keep it perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and aesthetic ideas! I like to do a thorough seasonal overhaul twice a year, and two additional two mini updates just before summer and winter. Read this post for more details.
Streamline your Beauty Routine
If you’ve caught the minimalist bug and are thinking about streamlining your beauty routine and product collection as well, use the momentum and do it once your wardrobe is all set and freshly edited! The essence of the minimalist approach to beauty is the same as the idea of building the perfect wardrobe instead of keeping a mishmash of impulse buys: It is about valuing quality over quantity and taking the time to curate a small set of products that are perfectly tailored to your style, skin and lifestyle.

*cover image by Dario Catellani

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  1. Hey! Just a heads up that when viewed in my current version of Firefox, the text in your tiled “Step” descriptions all runs together, making it hard to tell where Step 1 ends and Step 2 begins. This could easily be fixed by adding a margin to the advanced_wp_column divs in the entry-content div.

    Great site! I’m really enjoying going through the concepts and looking forward to loving my wardrobe again. Thanks for the step-by-step and inspiration! :)

  2. This is fantastic. I recently found your blog and have been reading many posts and preparing for a MUCH needed wardrobe overhaul. I’ve never felt like my clothes suited me, or like I knew what to buy or what to wear. I was envious because this seems to come SO easily to some women and I felt like I was missing out on some ‘fashion gene’ that other women have. Now I realize that defining a personal style takes thought and planning. And, while it may in fact be natural to some, it can also be learned. I also really appreciate your minimalistic approach. So with your posts as guides I am confident I can do this and finally have a wardrobe I am happy with!!

  3. I just found your blog and I must say I am super impressed. You have a ton of unique content and a great style! Keep it up!

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