10 Step Wardrobe Revamp 2.0

10 Step Wardrobe Revamp  5 into mindtrue copyHappy Thursday everyone!

I just wanted to let you know why regular posting has been a little sparse lately: I just moved to a self-hosted blog (from wordpress.com) and have been busy implementing lots of new features and improving the general layout of the blog.

A big item on my list of post-move to-do’s has been improving the 10 Step Wardrobe Revamp article. It is one of the cornerstones of the Wardrobe Building section on INTO MIND and ties the ten most important steps on the road to a perfect wardrobe all into one program. The post used to be structured as a simple list format, but I always felt it deserved a somewhat more special layout.

The new design feels a lot more intuitive, because it is less text-based, more visual and in line with the general grid-based theme of the blog. I also added a navigation bar at the bottom of each of the ten articles, so you can easily jump to the next or previous step in the program.

Click here to check out the new and improved 10 Step wardrobe Revamp.

What do you think?

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