Personal Style: I cut my hair!

I finally took the plunge and cut my hair! I’ve had the same above-shoulder-length-but-not-quite-“long hair” since I was 14, so it was definitely time for a change. For the past couple of months I have been cutting it myself, about a centimetre every two weeks or so, which did ease the transition but also left my hair pretty uneven . Yesterday I decided to just go for it and let a professional take off the last 3 inches. My hair is shorter than my boyfriend’s now :)

Ooh, and I also got a striped shirt, as part of my spring wardrobe edit.





  1. The cut is sleek and sophisticated, yet light and airy. It contrasts nicely with your soft, rounded features, instead of hanging limply about your face and giving the illusion of heavy bone structure. It’s very french model-esque, especially with your striped shirt. Simply lovely:)

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