Everyday Outfit: April II

main Everyday Outfit: April

As promised in the intro post of my new Everyday Outfit series, here’s another version of my April uniform. The same jeans and jewellery + a simple crew neck t-shirt from COS and sandals from Zara. If I could choose, every day would be like the past week temperature-wise: between 15 and 20 °C, warm enough for t-shirts, but if I want to wear jeans or my leather jackets I can without boiling up. What is your favourite temperature range?

It is now week 4 of my one-month minimalist beauty experiment. It’s been so refreshing, I think in these pictures I am not even wearing all of my allowed five products, just my tinted moisturizer, blush and lip balm. I’ll do a full report sometime next weekend when the month is over.

two Everyday Outfit: April
three Everyday Outfit: April
five Everyday Outfit: April
six Everyday Outfit: April



  1. I really look forward to your posts and this series! I’ve recommended it to a few of my friends and they’ve all said how insightful it is in wardrobe planning!

    My favorite temperature is between 20-25 degrees. :)

  2. Very nice again! The orange Tee is very bright but suits your skin tone very well actually. I have the same range of ideal temperature as you, about 17 – 22°C for me. It’s perfect for pants + light top + a blazer or leather jacket, and you can wear almost any pair of shoes from oxfords to sandals, ballet flats…

    • Thanks! I used to never wear orange because of the general notion that blondes don’t suit orange or yellow, even though those are hands-down my favourite colours :)

  3. Lovely photos! I must say I’m very excited about your new series, can’t wait for the May version!

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