Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfits

main Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfits

As soon as I hit publish on my Method Dressing post, I knew I wanted to show you what the different approaches for building outfits could look like ‘in the flesh’. So, to illustrate the first technique, the modular approach, I picked six items from my spring capsule wardrobe (three tops and three bottoms) and bribed my boyfriend to take pictures of me in each of the nine combinations :)

The general idea of the modular approach is to build up a collection of items that all share a common colour scheme and style, allowing you to mix-and-match freely. If every top goes with every bottom, with 4 pieces of each you can create 16 different outfits, or more if you include further layers, shoes and accessories. For this post, I chose a simple two-piece silhouette, and a cool-toned colour scheme based on two different neutrals and two shades of blue. The simple 3 x 3 framework is of course a very stripped down version of the modular approach. As long as your collection of items all share a colour palette, you could easily add another layer, for example a jacket, et voila… 3 x 3 x 3 equals 27 different outfits.

items 6 Pieces 9 OutfitsThe modular approach is nothing but a simple technique to have in your repertoire for creating outfits in the morning: You can use it by itself (like I did for this post) or supplement it with other techniques, further dress up your outfits using accessories and hair/make up or dress them down, whatever you like. If you want to test-drive the modular approach, choose a specific combination of  2 – 4 items and pick at least three versions of each item from your closet. Ideally, all items should have a similar colour scheme, but if one or two stick out, that’s fine too! Try to build as many outfits as you can with your set, and note down your favourites!

Scroll down for closer look at all 9 outfits. I think my favourite is the light blue top/ white skirt combo. Which one is yours?

light blue - white Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfitsblue-blue Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfitsblack-blue Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfitsblack-white Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfits
white-blue Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfitsall-white Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfitsblue-black Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfitsall-black Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfits

white-black Simple Dressing: 6 Pieces and 9 Outfits

White t-shirt, black tank top – H&M; Sneakers – SUPERGA; White skorts, black leather skirt, sandals – ZARA; Light blue t-shirt, blue culottes – &OTHER STORIES


  1. This is so refreshing! Haven’t been able to find outfits I would actually wear on Pinterest and such. I love the simplicity of your pieces. Breath of fresh air – well done.

  2. I love the outfits, I’m now leaning into what you call “simple dressing”, I find myself picking simpler pieces and never realised until I saw your post and wanted to try out dressing more simpler.

    Love your style!

  3. Great idea, perfect execution and another reason why your blog is one of my favorites! I like all nine looks, especially the ones with the blue skirt!

  4. Amazing post, as usual! If I had to choose I’d say the blue skirt and white t-shirt outfit is my favorite, but they all look great!

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